Course Description and Maps


The event starts on the beautiful beach at  Lorne with kids raring to go in their age groups  11-12-13 age group leading the charge followed by 9-10 age group then 7-8 age group and last but certainly not least are the under 7yrs at the back. Each age group will then start one at a time, with 1 minute separating each group.  Listen carefully kids we don't want you to miss the start and all that fun.

With 4km of adventure the course winds its way in and around the bush, beach and around the Adventure Expo. Often parents are amazed at  just how far (and fast) their kids go - the event may look a long way to us, but with their enthusiasm and energy it's an absolute breeze to these kids.

2014 Lorne Junior Survivor course will be very similar to the course used in previous years so one thing you can be sure of is that you will be having a fantastic time!

Check out the course map below:

  • Approximately 4km long.
  • Will include approximately 12 different obstacles and exercises along it (all supervised).
  • Will involve kids getting wet and going into the water up to their knees (only if ocean conditions are calm).
  • Can be completed by kids un-supervised by their parents.