Survivor's Instructions


Welcome to the 2014 Lorne Junior Survivor Challenge! We hope you are excited and ready for this fun event!!!

The official Event Program for the 2014 Lorne Adventure Fest containing all the final event information, schedule, course details and more can now be downloaded from here – essential reading for all competitors. (35meg download, right click and select ‘save link as’)



These ‘on-the-day instructions’ tell kids what you have to do and where they have to go… and give parents a clear understanding of what will happen during the event. Number one...... don’t forget to register between 12:30pm & 3.00pm on Saturday afternoon in the Adventure Expo on the Lorne Foreshore. Super important and  where you will receive all your  goodies!


  • The course will be very well marked, you just have to follow the orange witches hats, red and white arrows and red / white plastic streamers tied to the trees. If you have any problems, just ask the officials in the bright orange vests
  • The course is approximately 4km long. This will take you between 20 minutes and 60 minutes to finish so make sure you pace yourself, try not to  sprint the whole way! It is OK to walk if you want to!
  • We encourage you to try and finish the whole course, but if you want to stop, just find a marshal wearing an orange vest and tell them that you need to stop.
  • A really important thing to remember...... it's about having fun out there, be patient, if there is someone in front of you and don’t push them out of the way!


Saturday 6th December, 2014
12:30pm – 3:00pm Registration for competitors in the Lorne Junior Survivor.
3:15pm    All participants in the Lorne Junior Survivor to be at the start line
3:30pm    The 11-12-13 yr age boys groups starts
3:31pm    The 11-12-13 yr age girls groups starts
3:32pm    The 9-10 yr age boys groups starts
3:33pm    The 9-10 yr age girls groups starts
3:34pm    The 7-8 yr age boys group starts
3:35pm    The 7-8 yr age girls group starts
3:36pm    The under 7 age boys groups starts
3:37pm    The under 7 age girls groups starts
4:30pm    Lorne Junior Survivor presentations and spot prizes

Sunday 7th December, 2014
8:00am     Lorne Adventure Race start at the Lorne Pier
11:00am – 5:00pm Adventure Expo open
12:00pm – 4:00pm Children’s activities open in the adventure expo
12:00pm    First Lorne Adventure Race competitor expected to cross the finish line
4:00pm      Lorne Adventure Fest Presentations and Random prize give-aways


  • Children will start in age group and gender,  The oldest group going off first and following age groups at 1 minute time intervals later.
  • This start line is located on the beach in front of the race expo area.
  • It is recommended that all children get to the start line no later than 3.15pm with the race starting at 3.30pm, we would hate for anybody to miss out on all this fun!


  • Please attach the race number given to you at registration to the front of the t-shirt or top to be worn during the event. This race number must be clearly visible on the front of the outermost piece of clothing for the whole race!
  • We recommend that you leave spare clothing at the start / finish area so you can get changed afterwards
  • Participants must wear shoes for the entire event - even into the water
  • Participants do not have to wear the t-shirt we will give out at registration during the event – but of course you can if you want to!


  • The course will be very well marked with orange witch’s hats, red and white arrows and red / white plastic streamers and tape so it is very easy to follow. There are also a number of marshals wearing orange vests located along the course to provide assistance and direction for everyone.
  • There are a number of different obstacles and challenges located around the marked course, all are designed for children, are supervised by a marshal and will not cause children any great difficulty.
  • Children can be accompanied around the course – it's all about  having a fun learning adventure.


  • Presentations will be held at approximately 4:30 pm from the stage next to the finish line.
  • A whole range of spot prizes and random presentations will be made to kids and drawn randomly ‘out of the hat’ at the presentations after the event. The event is designed around getting kids outdoors and active, and less about racing and competition, so we will not be timing the kids around the course and will not be awarding specific prizes to the first over the line in each category. Anybody can be a winner.

We hope you enjoy the Lorne Junior Survivor Challenge and remember that there are a lot of cool adventures that can be had outside!