Prizes and Categories



The official Event Program for the 2014 Lorne Adventure Fest containing all the final event information, schedule, course details and more can now be downloaded from here – essential reading for all competitors. (35meg download, right click and select ‘save link as’)


Australasian Multisport Championships

The Lorne Adventure Race (on Sunday) also doubles as the 2014 Australasian Multisport Championships. This is the first time that the Championships have been held in Australia and provides a great opportunity for Australian competitors to seize a hotly sought after race title. That’s not to say that the kiwis will make it easy as many New Zealanders are planning on racing as well. BRING IT ON!!!

The results from the individual categories will double as results for the Championships as defined:

  • Competitors must reside in either New Zealand or Australia to be recognised in the Australasian Adventure Racing Championships
  • Competitors must complete the whole course as an individual
  • The overall winner and Australasian Adventure Racing Champion in each gender will the overall winning male / female in the Lorne Adventure Race
  • Age group winners will also be recognised and awarded in each of the individual race categories listed below

Support is available for New Zealand competitors to make it easier for you to participate in the event. Support includes:

  • Half price entry
  • Assistance sourcing competitive boats for the event (ocean racing surf skis)
  • Assistance finding support crew and with race logistics (although logistics are super easy!)
  • Please contact Rapid Ascent if you are an international competitor who needs assistance. Phone: +61 (0) 35261 5511 or e-mail: [email protected]


Race Categories

The following categories will be contested at the Lorne Adventure Race


Solo competitors who complete the entire course themselves

  • Junior (under 18yrs) Male / Female
  • Prime (18 – 39yrs) Male / Female
  • Veteran (40 – 49yrs) Male / Female
  • Vintage (50 – 59yrs) Male / Female
  • Masters (60+ yrs) Male / Female



A team of 2 competitors who complete the whole course together, remaining within 50m of each other the whole time

  • Pairs category (no age or gender division)


Relay Teams of 2

A relay team of two competitors who divide the course between them, either doing 2 legs each or 1 and 3 legs each

  • Open team of 2 (both competitors aged under 40yrs) any gender
  • Veteran team of 2 (both competitors aged 40yrs and over) any gender


Relay Teams of 3 or 4

A relay team with either 3 or 4 competitors who divide the course between them (either doing 1 leg each if a team of 4 or one person doing 2 legs and the others one leg each if a team of 3)

  • Junior Team (all competitors aged under 18yrs) any gender
  • Male Team
  • Female Team
  • Mixed Team
  • Veteran Team (all competitors aged 40+yrs) any gender

Age categories are according to your age on race day. All competitors in an age group team must be in the required age bracket.


Prize money

Prize money distribution for 2014 Lorne Adventure Race:

Individual Male Individual Female
1st $2,000 $2,000
2nd $1,000 $1,000
3rd $500 $500

All individuals are eligible, irrespective of their age category (i.e. Juniors, Prime, Veteran and Vintage are all eligible to win the cash).

** Consistent with international ironman rules, 3rd place-getters MUST finish within 10% of the 2nd place-getter’s time to be eligible for prize money.

***Less trasnfer fee to international accounts

Fastest Splits

In addition to these cash prizes for individuals, if you manage to clock the fastest split (excluding the final beach run) you also score another $100 cash plus sponsors prizes!

  • Fastest Swim Male $100 cash
  • Fastest Swim Female $100 cash
  • Fastest Paddle Male $100 cash
  • Fastest Paddle Female $100 cash
  • Fastest Run Male $100 cash
  • Fastest Run Female $100 cash
  • Fastest MTB Male $100 cash
  • Fastest MTB Female $100 cash

Pairs are also eligible to win fastest split prizes with the exception of the paddling leg.

All categories

As well as these great cash prizes, every podium finisher in every category (including all team categories) will also receive a custom Lorne Adventure Race medal. (Unless also a winner of a cash prize eg. if a Veteran comes 2nd overall and wins $1,500 cash, they do not also win the prize pack for being first veteran.)

Note – if you are a winner but cannot collect your medal please make arrangements for someone to collect your medal and for you. Rapid Ascent will not post out uncollected medals.

Random Prize Draws

In addition, some awesome random draws will be made on the day, with participants and spectators eligible. There will also be a swag of goodies up for grabs for all participants.