Supersport Images would like to advise you that your official photos from Lorne Adventure Fest can now be viewed and are ready for purchase by clicking on the below link.







Type in your race number to view your event photos.


Search by your race number from the weekend.




In order to supply your images directly to each individual within the team, your Team Bib number has been adjusted as per the following criteria.

It is vital that you follow the criteria when entering your number, as this will show all identified images of each leg you competed in.

Failure to enter the correct sequence will result in NO images shown.


All team members will need to add a digit to their team number that reflects each leg they participated in.

­ Please DO NOT search for images via the team number on its own without adding these digits.


Swim Leg- Add #1 to Team bib number

Kayak Leg-Add #2 to Team bib number

Run Leg-Add #3 to the Team bib number

MTB Leg-Add #4 to the Team bib number


NOTE: if you competed in more than one leg as a team, you must add each leg as per the criteria above  and in sequence.

eg Team 460-Kayak / MTB = 46024

      Team 460-Swim / Run = 46013

      Team 474-Run = 4743


All ‘electronic downloadable packs’ are applicable to each individual and NOT the team as a whole. When ordering your images, please enter your new ­bib number according to the criteria above so the correct shots will be delivered. Please respect our business and do not try to purchase your TEAM images under the one order.


Search Help:


After you click on ‘view photos’ at your event logo, under ‘Miscellaneous Search’ you are able to search for images that fall into general categories  (eg presentations or general event discipline) at the ‘select discipline’ menu.


For more specific searching, at the ‘select shirt / top colour’ menu, you can search more specifically according to the type of event you participated in. See below

-Run Event-select the prominent top colour worn from the drop down menu

-Cycle Event-select your bike colour or predominate colour from the drop down menu

-Swim Event-select wet suit colour from the drop down menu

Note: always select your gender to narrow down your search

If you have any questions, please contact us at

[email protected]


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