Past Winners

The Lorne Adventure Race stars!

Congratulations to the past winners of the Lorne Adventure Race - many of whom returned to join in the 10th anniversary celebrations in 2014.


Male Winner

Female Winner

2005 Jody Zerbst - 03:27:34 Wendy Wilson - 04:19:36
2006 Jarad Kohlar - 03:53:32 Karla Gilbert - 04:49:18
2007 Ben Allen - 04:02:08 Deanna Blegg - 04:45:01
2008 Richard Ussher - 04:13:21 Deanna Blegg - 05:11:12
2009 Grant Suckling - 03:57:32 Kim Beckinsale - 05:04:22
2010 Grant Suckling - 04:03:58 Deanna Blegg - 04:46:37
2011 Richard Ussher - 03:52:52 Myriam Guillot - 04:42:12
2012 Braden Currie - 03:31:26 Myriam Guillot - 04:20:21
2013 Braden Currie - 03:39:35 Peri Gray - 04:44:21
2014 Braden Currie - 03:48:11 Naantali Marshall  - 04:47:15


We recently caught up with some of our past winners to find out what they’re up to now, hear about their recollections of the event and seek their advice for new competitors at the Lorne Adventure Fest. Here are their stories

Check out the Race Director's recollections of each of these races here 

And here are the faithful...

There are three very special people who have competed at EVERY single Lorne Adventure Fest since the whole thing started. And yes, they'll be back for 2014!

Ian Franzke Tony Freijah Toby Pettigrew
Ian Franzke Tony Freijah Toby Pettigrew


 Why does Tony Freijah keep coming back?

"Because it's pretty cool to say I've done every one. It's a great location and even if you feel like dying, at least the scenery is nice."

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Stephen Lamont - our favourite volunteer!

Stephen Lamont from the Kardinia Rotary Club has proudly volunteered at EVERY SINGLE Lorne Adventure Race. And yes, he's coming back for the 10th anniversary edition. He deserves a massive round of applause! 

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