Lorne Mini 6th December

If you do not find the answer to your question please e-mail [email protected]

1. What happens at race registration?
At race registration you will be required to sign an Indemnity form and collect your race items & freebies.

2. Can I register on behalf of my team mate?

No – we are required to see all team members at race registration.

3. Do all of my team members need to register at the same time?

No – team members can all register separately. We do not need to see you all at the same time.

4. What do I need to bring to registration?

Nothing – just a smile. We will have everything you need.

5. Can I update team details at race registration?

Yes – but an administrative fee will apply. To assist us in the delivery of the event, we require all team changes by 5pm Wednesday 3rd December (no fee will apply if changes are made prior to this date).

6. How do I update my team details?

E-mail Claire – [email protected] with your team changes by 5pm Wednesday 3rd December.

7. Is it ok if I change from an Individual to a team?

Yes – you need to notify us of this change ASAP. E-mail [email protected] & she will arrange this. 

8. I need to withdraw from the event?

E-mail Claire – [email protected] to arrange your refund or notify us that you will not be racing.

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9. Is it compulsory to attend the race briefing?
No – as long as you have read the event program and have a thorough understanding of the race. Any major changes will be communicated to all competitors via the website, Facebook and at the race start. The race briefing is a great time to ask questions etc.

10. Teams Only – What do we do with the bib & timing chip?

The bib & timing chip will be given to the swimmer at registration (leg 1) – the bib and timing chip is passed on to all competitors at each transition. It’s like a relay baton. The bib must be the outer most garment at all times. Timing chip must be worn on the left ankle (needs to be close to the ground to ensure an accurate reading). Do not place timing bands on bike handle bars.

11. Where do I put the timing chip?

Your timing chip must be worn around your left ankle at all times. It needs to be on the ankle so it’s close to the timing maps. If you wear this on your wrist, we cannot guarantee you an accurate result.

12. Can I wear my hydro-pack or PFD over my race bib?

No – your race bib must be the outer most garment at all times. We need to be able to see your race number at all times. It will stretch.

13. What type of PFD (Personal Flotation Device) do I need for the paddle?

This must be type 2 or 3. This must be worn at all time. Your race bib must be worn over the top of this.

14. Is there a water station on the run leg?

No – you must carry your own hydration for the run leg.

15. What type of bike helmet is required?

Certified Bike Helmet to Aust/NZ/US standard. It must be fasten before leaving a transition area.

16. When should I pick up my race gear from the transition areas?

As soon as possible – It would be great if you are a team to pick up as you go. If you are an individual, perhaps have your support crew meeting you at each spot collecting your items.

17. What happens to items left at the transition area?

Any items left at the transition areas will be taken back to the finish line and placed in Lost Property.

18. Do I have to be at presentations to collect my prize?

Yes – we encourage all winning positions to be at presentations as we do not post out prizes or medals. ($10 fee will apply for all medals posted out)

19. Where can I view race results?

Race results can be viewed straight after the event

20. Where can I view event photos?
Photos will be available to purchase the week after the event from the event website. For more information – [email protected]

21. Do I have to wear a helmet in the paddle?

Yes – you are required to wear a helmet at all times during the paddle, a bike helmet is acceptable.

22. Do I need to carry a flare in the Mini paddle leg?


23. Do I have to wear the swim cap provided?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear the swim cap issued at registration.

24. Can I purchase optional insurance for the event?

Yes - this is an option included in the online registration. You can add this to your entry by e-mailing [email protected]

Individual - $15

Team of 2 - $29.95

Team of 3 or 4 - $49.95

24. What are the cut off times for the race?

As per website. The cut off times listed below are provisional and may change (slightly) nearer the time
Cut-off times at each transition point will be strictly enforced.

  • End Swim11:45pm (i.e. 45min for 600m)
  • End Paddle 1:00pm (i.e. 1 hour 14min for 7km)
  • End Run2:15pm (i.e. 1 hour 15 min for 7km)
  • End MTB 3:45pm (i.e. 1 hour 30min for 12.7km)

25. Is there any-thing else I should know?

MTB & RUN – All competitors are required to carry a first aid kit. These will be available from registration for $15.00. These are very good value, and can be retained for future events if unused.

First Aid Kit must include - 2 x crepe bandages, 6 x wound closure strips, 1 x triangular bandage, 2 x non stick wound dressing pads and a pair of surgical gloves (available to purchase during registration for $15)

26. I would like to purchase a Rapid Ascent gift voucher?

Please e-mail [email protected] to arrange your voucher.


Q & A

Lorne Junior Survivor 6TH DECEMBER

If you do not find the answer to your question please e-mail [email protected]

1. What are the age restrictions for Junior Survivor?
Approx. 5 years - 13 years of age. We have no specific minimum age requirement as we do not want to limit exceptional kids just because if their age. If a parent thinks their young a child can do it we are happy for them to have a go.

2. Are parents allowed to run around the course with their children?
Yes – if your child is a little unsure. We suggest keeping to the back of the field and keep an eye out for other competitors. You are not required to complete the obstacles, just be close by. If your child is OK to go it alone then we encourage you to stand back and let them have the sense of accomplishment themselves

3. How long is the course?
The course is 4.5kms long – throughout the course competitors will have fun on lots of obstacles.

4. Do competitors need to wear shoes?
Yes – competitors must wear suitable footwear at all times. We strongly suggest runners.

5. What are the best clothes to wear?
Competitors will get wet (from the slippery slide!) we suggest wear clothes that are easy to move in for example, sports shorts. Bring a spare pair of shoes and shorts to change into after the race.

6. What happens at registration?
Competitors are required to attend with a parent/guardian who must sign an indemnity form. You will also pick up your race t-shirt, number plate and other race items.

7. Will entries be available on the day?
If we have reached our field limit prior to the event then no entries will be available.

8. Is this race timed?
No – this event is about participation for all. This will not be timed and there are no places or winners recognised. Every-one is a winner!

9. Can I transfer my entry to another competitor?
No – we cannot transfer entries to another person