The Giant Odyssey is one of the premier MTB marathons in Australia and always attracts the best riders from across Australia who come to chase the title and the prize money listed below.

$30,000 cash & prizes

  • $3,000 cash for 1st Male and Female
  • $1,500 cash for 2nd Male and Female
  • $750 cash for 3rd Male and Female
  • $400 cash for 4th Male and Female
  • $200 cash for 5th Male and Female
  • $15,000 worth of prizes for place-getters in all categories and random draw prizes at race presentation
  • Special prize draws for biggest crash, most badly broken bike, closest time to average finisher etc
  • $250 cash to the fastest male and female over a specific timed climb (King & Queen of the Mountain) and timed descent (open to 50km and 100km riders).

 **Less international transfer fee's

Giant Odyssey Timed Descent

The Timed Descent is open to riders in both the 100km and the 50km event and will be held down the renowned ‘Red Carpet Track’ from where the track crosses the Lake Elizabeth Road down to where it emerges from the bush opposite the Bawon River in Forrest (approximately between the 78km – 83km points of the 100km course and between the 15km and 20km points of the 50km course. The descent flows over 4.5km of track that drops approximately 250m from top to bottom.

The fastest male and female will receive $250 cash. The current record is held by Chris Jongewaard (2012) in an incredible 10:28min – see if you can beat that boys! Or take on Peta Mullens’ (2012) 12:46min for the ladies record.

100km Giant Odyssey King and Queen of the Mountain (Timed Climb):

The King and Queen of the Mountain climb is limited to riders in the 100km Giant  Odyssey and is located at the top of Haydens Spur Track at the intersection with Thompsons Track at the 21km point, elevation 558m above sea level. The fastest male and female will receive $250 cash.


Maverick Marathon Series

Giant Odyssey is pleased to be part of the Maverick Marathon Series. Click here to view the points score system.



The following categories will be acknowledged as part of the 2014 Giant Odyssey for the 100km & 50 km event. The categories are now updated and reflect the Maverick Marathon Series.

100km Race

  • Junior (Under 18) individual - male & female
  • Prime (18-29) individual - male & female
  • Veteran (30-39) individual - male & female
  • Masters (40-49) individual - male & female
  • Vintage (50-59) individual - male & female
  • Grand Masters (60 years & over)) individual - male & female
  • Single Speed

50km Race:

  • Junior Under 16 (16 & Under)
  • Junior (16-17)
  • Prime (18-29)
  • Veteran (30-39)
  • Masters (40-49)
  • Vintage (50-59)
  • Grand Masters (60 years & over)

Giant Pioneer - 15km

A medal will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd male/female in the un/16 category.

Please note, medals and prizes will NOT be posted out to competitors that are unable to pick up at presentations on Sunday afternoon 3.30pm. Competitors will be required to pay for postage if you are unable to collect at presentations. 

***Age categories will be determined by your age on the 15th of March 2014. (the date of the first race in the Maverick Marathon Series)


 Elite women's category of the 100km Giant Odyssey

In an attempt to stamp out pacing by male riders and create a fair race between all elite women, we will be starting the Elite Women in the 100km Giant Odyssey 20 minutes ahead of the main field. This start is ONLY FOR WOMEN WANTING TO BE IN CONTENTION FOR OVERALL PRIZE MONEY in the OPEN women category. Riders hoping to win either the Queen of the Mountain Climb and/or the Timed Descent must also start in this elite women’s start.

If you are a female rider in the 100km event who is not of an elite level and is not in the hunt for prize money or hoping to win the Queen of the Mountain Climb and/or the Timed Descent, then you must start with the main field - otherwise you will block the way and cause congestion for the elite males on the single track when they catch you.

If a female rider starts in the main field and finishes in a time that gives them a place and thus prize money, this prize money will not be awarded as prize money and recognition will only be awarded to those that started in the women’s Elite only start.

Competitors wishing to race in this category must notify Rapid Ascent at registration.