Get your friends to sponsor you in the Anaconda Adventure Race and help save the lives of young children in Papua New Guinea

(Posted - 27 Sep 2008)

The Anaconda Adventure Race National Series is delighted to have been supporting the important medical research and public health programs of the Burnet Institute now for a third year, and we would encourage as many participants in the coming Geographe Bay and Lorne Races to help in raising more money so we can help get to our target of $50,000 and help to save the lives of young children in Papua New Guinea.

You can help by encouraging your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you in the race – just send them an email. To sponsor you all they need do is to go to the entry and competitor hub tab, find Burnet and how to sponsor and follow the links.

All money raised from this year’s Anaconda Adventure Race series will go to support Burnet’s measles eradication program in Papua New Guinea and will help to vaccinate young children against this potentially fatal disease.

Each year in Papua New Guinea almost 30,000 children die before reaching their fifth birthday. Many die in the first months of life, though lack of health care, poor hygiene, malnutrition and infectious diseases. In Australia measles is now rare, but we need to be reminded that in many parts of the world it’s still present and often lethal because it’s highly infectious, attacks the immune system, and leave vulnerable children to die from diarrhea or pneumonia.

The work of the Burnet Institute continues to grow through the very generous support of the Australian community. Without this support many of our research and public health programs would cease to operate.

To find out more about the work of the Institute and its work go to