Aboriginal kids from the Kimberley and families from Perth travel to the Anaconda Junior Survivor @ Augusta

(Posted - 30 Oct 2010)

Next weekend over 500 kids will have the time of their lives as they take on the Anaconda Junior Survivor at Augusta. The children aged between 5 and 13 will come from all over Western Australia to participate with a special group of 10 indigenous kids coming all the way from the Kimberley.

It’s the second year the Anaconda Junior Survivor will be held at Augusta and excitement is building after the inaugural race was such a big hit. The race starts at 4.00pm on Saturday 6th November at the Turner Caravan Park and the kids will complete a fun 4.5km obstacle course that winds its way around the riverbank, foreshore and surrounding bush land.

Kids are flocking from far and wide with a group of East Kimberley School students from Wyndham participating as part of their Boab to Break Tour. They are doing the Anaconda Junior Survivor and many other activities whilst in Margaret River, including learning to surf.

Travelling over 3400km from their inland home, the trip is a once in a lifetime for the five boys and five girls aged 9 and 10, many of whom haven’t travelled further than an hour from home before, let alone seen the ocean.

The tour is a unique initiative of the Surfrider Foundation Kimberley Branch giving local Aboriginal children the opportunity to broaden their horizons and participate in activities they have never experienced before. They will to share their culture whilst learning about other ways of life, oceans, waves and beaches and understanding the importance and significance of their own nationality’s philosophies. To read more about the Boab to Break Tour or to donate their cause thern visit their website here

With the Junior Survivor on Saturday and the adults Anaconda Adventure Race on Sunday, it makes the weekend a real family affair as exemplified by the Edwards family who will see all 6 family members put through their paces down at Augusta.

Father John is teaming up with his wife Alexandra to do the Anaconda Adventure Race. “This is the fourth year I’ve raced," said John, “and this year I’m doing the swim, paddle and mountain bike legs and Alex is doing the run leg. We’ll be at the Junior Survivor on Saturday cheering for our four kids and then they’ll be our support crew on Sunday," he added.

John’s children, Sage aged 5, China Belle aged 10, Darby aged 8 and Rex aged 12, will all be in the Anaconda Junior Survivor with Sage doing her first one. “She’ll be alright, even though she’s so young. Rex isn’t so competitive so he may shadow her and make sure she’s okay", remarked John. “They loved it last year so we’ve rented a few houses in Margaret River with some friends who are also racing and are making a big family holiday of it".

So there will be plenty of calories burnt off by kids from across the country as part of the Anaconda Junior Survivor this weekend. Entries are still open and can be submitted at www.anacondajuniorsurvivor.com