Catch me if you can! Pin Affleck tops the Rainforest Ride fundraiser leader board!

(Posted - 06 Oct 2009)

Raising “three" for The ‘Big Three’ is the catchy mantra that’s driving Pin Affleck’s whirlwind ride up the Rainforest Ride fundraiser leader board. The 30-year-old Relationship Manager at the Burnet Institute has taken over top spot from Adelaide father, Dave Schultz after raising $1368 in just a few weeks.

She’s on target to reach her goal of $3000 in pledges for Burnet’s fight against The ‘Big Three’: HIV, TB and malaria. Pin is now urging all Rainforest Riders to ramp up their fundraising efforts in the next month to try to knock her off top spot.

“Wouldn’t it be terrific if everyone taking part in the Rainforest Ride raised $3000 for Burnet," she said.

Pin’s fundraising success has centred on a friendly email campaign titled ‘Thank You’.

“It started out as a friendly ‘Thank You’ email to family, friends and work colleagues and of course they were curious about the title and opened it up!" she quipped.

“That at least grabbed their attention. Then, I made my efforts in taking part sound more arduous than it is and highlighted the importance of Burnet’s on-going research into developing vaccines for The ‘Big Three’."

“Before signing up for the Rainforest Ride I would grab my beautiful Schwinn bike and ride to the local café each morning, barely covering one kilometre.

“Now we cycle over 12 kilometres from Port Melbourne to surrounding suburbs and back each weekend but I am about to get more serious!

“It’s less than two months to RR Day so I have thrown away the car keys and now do all my shopping on the bike."

Pin’s face breaks out in a beaming smile at the mention of her 1950s style Schwinn bike, an American icon from the brand established in Chicago back in 1895.

“I bought it at Penny Farthings Bike Shop in Middle Park and it’s just lovely. I haven’t cycled seriously since Brownie days when as an 11-year-old we would ride to all the farms nearby and do odd jobs to raise money for charity" she said. Pin will be joined on the Rainforest Ride by her dad, ‘Bim’ and Michael.

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