UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships – WOW!

(Posted - 09 Sep 2009)

I’d built the UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships up in my mind to be the biggest mountain bike event to ever happen in Australia... of bling riders riding bling bikes at bling bling speeds up and down hill and they did not disappoint – these riders are super human.

My wife Kate, plus a couple of buddies called Nathan and Cords and I made the pilgrimage to Canberra for the UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships and despite being a long road trip in the car it was worth every second.

If you’re reading this on the Rapid Ascent website it probably means that you have an interest in off road sport, you probably even ride mountain bikes and if you are anything like me you have probably even thought you were a bit of alright on the bike on the odd occasion when you’re tearing down hill with the trail rushing beneath you. Well, in our own little worlds that might be the case, but in comparison to the greats of mountain biking who gathered in our nation’s capital, we might as well still have the training wheels on.

Rather than recount every race with a blow by blow account of who won and lost, I thought I’d make a little video with my phone to try and capture what was happening and some of the atmosphere out on the hill, and list a few of the highlights and memorable moments from our trip to the Worlds:

XC – under 23, elite women and elite mens finals

4X finals – Friday night

DH finals – Sunday

The crowd

Overall highlights

I am encouraged, enthusiastic and inspired to ride... congratulations to all the riders from all corners of the globe (there were something line 40 different countries represented, but our Aussies did us proud) and congratulations to the organisers who appeared to pull off a massive job without a hitch.

Anyone for a ride?