Outer Edge Issue 22 – The Survival Edition – is on shelves now. Don’t die wondering!

(Posted - 30 Oct 2010)

Survival 101: desert + jungle + bush + snow The ultimate how-to for every landscape under the sun. Tailor-written by our handpicked experts, they’ll get you through everything from swelteringly thick jungle to wafer-thin ice. Check out the bonus section on how your marriage can survive even after you’ve nearly killed your wife by foolishly combining raw enthusiasm with sudden altitude.

Mountain biking: Solo Man Meet the man who pioneered the concept of spending 24 straight hours in the saddle of the mountain bike. What the hell is wrong with John Stamstad? Find out as we spend 24 hours trying to hang onto his back wheel on the slickrock around the MTB Mecca of Moab.

How to…

MTBFelt’s Scott Liston show us four simple ways to avoid landing on your head after riding your bike over a drop off.

Kayak learn what to do when your support stroke and Greenland roll fail you while you’re out kayaking.

Climb: Everest – how to get up the big hill and back to base. Alive. Bonus!

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