After an incredible 10 years of the Lorne Adventure Fest we now advise that the event will no longer be continuing with 2014 having been the last race.

This has been a very tough decision for Rapid Ascent as it was the first event we ever conducted and last year we celebrated its 10th anniversary but we have decided to cease running the event to concentrate on other races.

We have all shared so many incredible experiences down at Lorne and we thank you for the fun we all had and hope that we will see you at another Rapid Ascent event in the near future.

The Rapid Ascent Team



Welcome to the Lorne Mini Adventure Race ("Lorne Mini") 

Want an adventure without the (extreme) effort of the full distance Lorne Adventure Race?

Maybe you’re not as fit as you’d like to be (due to time, work, kids…) but still want a share of the off-road fun on offer at the iconic Lorne Adventure Fest?

Or possibly you’re new to this whole adventure race thing and want to ease your way into it…?

Then the Lorne Mini is designed just for you!

The Lorne Mini provides a pathway into adventure racing; created especially for an introduction to adventure racing, intermediate adventurers, as well as for female participation.

The Course Backdrop

The Lorne Mini takes place amidst the beach, bush and café culture of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road and is designed so anyone can enjoy a bit of it all. You’ll run along a few rocky coastlines, mountain bike on single tracks through the bush, paddle and swim in the protected waters of Loutit Bay just like the best of them – but it’s all broken into bite sized chunks to make it less intimidating (and requiring less commitment).

It’s also pretty spectacular down here so you’ll be too busy looking at the view to feel your legs hurting… and the champers/beer/wine/coffee at the end will taste soooo good!


Lorne Foreshore

Course Legs

Four off-road disciplines are featured:

  1. 600m Swim
  2. 7km Paddle
  3. 7.7km Trail Run
  4. 11km Mountain Bike
  5. 700m Beach Run

Ready for Adventure Action? Go Solo or form a Relay Team

Dust off your bike, flick the cob webs off your running shoes and pull out your (neighbour’s) boat if you are going to tackle it solo. Or round up a few friends or work colleagues to form a fun relay team and do one leg each for a weekend adventure you’ll never forget!


Calling all the ladies!

The Lorne Mini aims to be especially inclusive of female participants and will have a separate women’s only start after the main (mixed) field.

So ladies, if you have been intimidated by the thought of doing an adventure race before then throw those ideas away and come and have some fun – this is a very achievable challenge and who knows, in following years it may give you the confidence to step up to the premier event!