What is the Junior Survivor?


After an incredible 10 years of the Lorne Adventure Fest we now advise that the event will no longer be continuing with 2014 having been the last race.

This has been a very tough decision for Rapid Ascent as it was the first event we ever conducted and last year we celebrated its 10th anniversary but we have decided to cease running the event to concentrate on other races.

We have all shared so many incredible experiences down at Lorne and we thank you for the fun we all had and hope that we will see you at another Rapid Ascent event in the near future.

The Rapid Ascent Team



What was the Junior Survivor?

Junior Survivor Lorne is a super fun running and obstacle adventure challenge designed especially for children between 5 and 13 years of age - everyone gets a FREE Junior Survivor T-Shirt!

The event takes place on Saturday 6th December – after the Lorne Mini but before the Lorne Adventure Race (which is held on Sunday) so kids get the chance to be the centre of attention and get their share of off-road fun.

And after the race, there will be presentations and the Saturday evening Anniversary Fiesta. So plan to stick around, enjoy the event atmosphere, the food and the entertainment.

FIELD LIMIT: A field limit of 500 competitor applies - get your entry in quickly! 

Entry is only $34 and includes kids tee! Entries are available on the day at Registration.


What to expect

Jnr Survivor waterslideThe event involves a range of exciting obstacles and water activities all in a bush and beach environment and has proved incredibly popular with kids and their families since its inception in on the Gold Coast in 2006. The kids will be talking about it and wearing their event shirts for months afterwards!

The event regularly attracts a sellout field of 500 kids, all of whom successfully make their way around the course with laughs and smiles all the way!

Mum or dad can run with their child if they need a little extra encouragement.

The 2014 event is sure to be just as giga-normous… so fire up kids for another blast of off-road adventure fun!


Check out some of the action

Here is a short video we made of the 2011 Junior Survivor race at the Gold Coast. The Lorne Junior Survivor is very similar.


Junior Survivor Lorne will start at 3:30pm on Saturday 6th December, 2014 and will finish with presentations at 4:30pm. The event will be held while the Adventure Expo is in full swing and while adult competitors in the Lorne Adventure Race are registering so there will be plenty of active supporters to cheering you over the finish line!

(Note, all Junior Survivors must complete registration along with a parent and/or guardian between 12:30pm and 3:00pm on event day, in the Adventure Expo area on the Lorne Foreshore.)


Junior Survivor Lorne  will start on the Lorne Beach right in front of the Adventure Expo and will finish in the finish chute right in the middle of the adventure expo on the Lorne Foreshore. The course will be fully marked and marshalled so all participants are assured of a safe, fun time.

Do I need any special equipment or skills?

Jnr SurvivorNo. No special equipment or athletic skills are required. Just bring along your sense of adventure and fun (and a good pair of shoes) and we promise we’ll put a smile on your dial!

How long?

Junior Survivors can expect to encounter an exciting survivor challenge every 5 minutes or so. The course is designed to give you about 45 minutes of physical activity, however if you’re super-quick you could finish in about 25 minutes, or if you’re a bit slower and walk the whole thing, it may be about an hour. The important thing is that every Junior Survivor who crosses the finish line is a winner!

The 2009 Lorne Junior Survivor at the Gold Coast was filmed for a segment on Totally Wild - and here it is. So check out the action and the funny way they made their way around the course.



And here is a great little poem that one very excitied (and capable!) child has written about the Junior Survivor - WE LOVE THIS!!

Junior Survivor

Excited we line up for the race of races
Looks of determination on our faces
Ready set go and off we swarm
at the Lorne Adventure Fest at Lorne

Over, under, through and around
Inside, outside, upside down
Running on the sand, water splashing through
Who's in front, is it me or is it you?

Jnr Survivor finishDoesn't matter, it is so much fun
You can just walk if you cannot run
The obstacle course can be a test
But we just keep going and give it our best

The sun is shining, it's getting quite warm
But we are still in pretty good form
Completing the course, we've taken it by storm
The Lorne Junior Survivor at Lorne.